“Entreaty” Image: Art, Faith, Mystery

“Mid-Flight Mid-Ascension Virgin Photograph” Image: Art, Faith, Mystery

“Lost Children” Valparaiso Poetry Review

“The Lovers” Innisfree Poetry Journal

“In the Event of a Fire” America

“Exit Wound” Literary Imagination

“Catch-and-Release Rat Fishing” Rattle

“Playboy’s Guide to Lingering” Slate


“Devotional of Daily Apprehension” (Warren Wilson College, January 2016)

“Entreaty” (Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference, August 2016)

“Jellyfish” (Warren Wilson College, January 2016)

“Playboy’s Guide to Lingering” (Slate, July 28, 2009)


“Thirtysomething Blues,” “Last Request” (KGB Bar, New York )

“Cornicello,” “Kid Happens,” “On Music” (Copycat Building, Baltimore)

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